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Dh Juckreiz

The present invention relates to antipruritic cosmetic and dermatological preparations, containing polidocanol and essential oil. It is found an immediate and long-lasting reduction in itching application of the preparation according to the invention.

Itching pruritus, pruritus is a subjectively annoying and unpleasant, related to the skin or mucosa sensory perception. You may localized or extended to the whole body. Dh Juckreiz can have burning, stinging or tingling dh Juckreiz and almost always leads to rubbing or scratching. This skin symptoms dh Juckreiz as scratches, open wounds, scabs, skin infections can occur again.

The itch is perceived to pain receptors in the skin and passed through the autonomic nervous system to the brain. The dh Juckreiz of itching is often varied and sometimes can dh Juckreiz as the first and only symptom of skin diseases or systemic diseases. In addition to dry skin, lack of here, - clothes influences but also by external influences can itching and skin irritation, such as caused by bites of mosquitoes or after contact with stinging nettles or distress.

Itching may be a response dh Juckreiz chemical, mechanical or thermal stimuli. It can as a result of external stimulation, such as by the effects of chemical substances, such as histamine mosquito bite Apamin dh Juckreiz stingassociated with itching skin reactions caused by allergic immune response, dh Juckreiz pressure or friction or by heat or sunlight, hives, urticaria, and other be caused.

Known and much is also the so-called senile pruritus, which often results in older people to unpleasant side effect. In the treatment of itching next diagnostic cause finding especially itching minimizing or -stillende measures in the foreground.

This often happens regardless of the impact on the underlying disease. The known drugs or palliatives for itching are administered dh Juckreiz tablet form or in the form of powders, ointments, gels or emulsions. While tablets lead to a systemic effect that draws a load of the whole organism by itself, dh Juckreiz gels, creams and emulsions a dh Juckreiz formulation is necessary dh Juckreiz reproach the drug lasting and stable nature and dh Juckreiz effective in the preparation.

Itching, there are many tried and tested means. So prevalent cooling gels and sticks dh Juckreiz used which contain in addition to dh Juckreiz cooling by evaporating alcohol or water and antihistamines. Furthermore isoprenaline is used, but haben Psoriasis der Akteure is not recommended because of the known skin irritation.

The cream based on Vaseline, dh Juckreiz and menthol to relieve itching. Additives such as antibacterial substances, benzoic acid and triclosan proactively protects against fungal attack.

The gel is intended for the treatment of skin injuries, burns and itching, wherein mepivacaine hydrochloride acts Vergebung der Psoriasis a local anesthetic. From DE the use of a patch containing the active ingredients menthol and benzocaine as local anesthetic, for stimulus reduction dh Juckreiz bites and nettle contact is described.

The disadvantage is that dh Juckreiz anesthetics are dh Juckreiz to trigger contact allergies and the addition of dh Juckreiz anesthetics makes the later distribution as a cosmetic inadmissible.

Object of dh Juckreiz present dh Juckreiz is to provide a preparation available that is long lasting itch-reducing bzw. Another object is to provide an antipruritic preparation available that continue reading not have the disadvantages of the prior art preparations and in particular has an immediate and long-lasting anti-itching effect without the need be added an excessive amount of dh Juckreiz agents.

Another object is to provide an antipruritic preparation available that is nourishing and can be applied user-friendly. You must moistening and moisture regulation normalize the skin and also dh Juckreiz against skin damage from sunlight. The dependent claims are advantageous embodiments of the inventive preparations. The invention also includes the use of such preparations. In particular, the active ingredients polidocanol and menthol prove in nonionic dh Juckreiz bases, in particular in emulsions based on Eumulgin B-1, surprisingly, very effective.

The compositions of the invention lead to a significantly effective, long-lasting and subjectively perceptible reduction of itching on the skin. Polidocanol is dh Juckreiz abbreviation for polyethylene glycol 9 monododecyl ether, an adduct of 9 moles ethylene oxide to the dodecyl alcohol; it corresponds to the formula. The trade names and distributors include Alfonic In the presence dh Juckreiz electrolytes emulsifiability of polidocanol is not affected.

Polidocanol is an amphiphilic dh Juckreiz with high capillary. Aqueous solutions exhibit high surface activity and accordingly a good spreadability on the skin. Soehring u al, Dh Juckreiz Int Pharmacodyn 87, []; Polidocanol is weight in an amount of 0. By essential oils concentrates obtained from plants are known, which are used dh Juckreiz source raw materials mainly in the perfume this web page food industries and are composed more or less of volatile compounds such as real essential oils, citrus oils, absolutes, resinoids.

Often, the term is also used for the still present in the plant volatiles. In the strict sense but is meant click the following article essential oils mixtures of volatile compounds that are produced by steam distillation from plant raw materials. Unlike, for example, fatty oils they leave so when dabbed on filter paper no permanent transparent grease spot. Essential oils contain predominantly hydrocarbons or monofunctional dh Juckreiz such as aldehydes, alcohols, esters, ethers and ketones.

Parent compounds are mono- and dh Juckreiz, phenylpropane derivatives and longer-chain aliphatic compounds. Often the organoleptic properties are determined not by the main components but of incidental or trace components, such as the 1,3,5 undecatrienes and pyrazines in galbanum oil.

In many of the commercially significant essential oils, the number of identified components in the hundreds. Very many constituents are dh Juckreiz, with very often one enantiomer predominates or is present exclusively, such as - - menthol in peppermint oil dh Juckreiz - - Linalylacetat in lavender oil.

A particularly preferred essential oil to the menthol has been found. Menthol is a dh Juckreiz of the well-known Japanese peppermint oil CAS: The most important isomer is - - menthol.

Menthol generated when rubbed on the skin as a result of dh Juckreiz anesthesia and irritation of the cold-sensitive nerves in migraine, or the like, a pleasant dh Juckreiz of cold. Proven but dh Juckreiz the affected skin normal or elevated temperature. As dh Juckreiz further preferred essential oils can Oleum Eucalypti, oleum menthae piperitae, oleum camphoratum, oleum Rosmarini, oleum Thymi, Oleum Pini sibricum dh Juckreiz Oleum Pini silverstris and terpenes 1, 8-cineol and Levomethanol and oleum Abietis albae, oleum Anisi, oleum aurantii Florisoleum Berga Mottae, oleum Calendulae infusion of, oleum Caryophylli, oleum Chamomillae, oleum Cinnamomi ceylanici, oleum Citri, oleum Citronellae, oleum cupressi, oleum Cymbopogonis, oleum jecoris, oleum Lavendulae, oleum Macidis, oleum Majoranae, oleum Melaleucae viridiflorae, oleum Melissae, oleum menthae arvensis, oleum Millefolium, oleum Myrrh, oleum myrtle, oleum Pini sibricum, oleum Pinisilvestris, oleum Salviae, oleum Santali, oleum Terebinthinae rectificat, oleum Valerianae and oleum Zingiberis be mentioned.

The essential oils are added individually or in combination with other at a total proportion of from 0. Dh Juckreiz forms of cosmetic or dermatological preparations are present finely dh Juckreiz multiphase systems in which one or more fat or oil phases in addition to one or more water phases.

Of these systems, in turn, the actual emulsions are the most widespread. The droplet diameters of customary emulsions are in the range of about 1 micron to about 50 microns. Such "macroemulsions" are, without further dh Juckreiz additives, milky and opaque.

Micellar and molecular solutions with particle diameters of less than about 10 "2 microns, is reserved to appear clear and transparent. The droplet diameter of transparent or translucent microemulsions on the other hand is in the range of about 10 "2 microns to about 10" dh Juckreiz micron.

Such microemulsions are mostly of low viscosity. The advantage of microemulsions that in the dispersed phase ingredients finely disperse dh Juckreiz be present as in the disperse phase of "macroemulsions". A further advantage is that they can dh Juckreiz sprayed due to their low viscosity.

A disadvantage of the microemulsions of the prior art dh Juckreiz always a high content of one or more emulsifiers must be used because the small droplet size dh Juckreiz high interfacial area dh Juckreiz the phases dh Juckreiz to which has to be read article stabilized by emulsifiers.

Dh Juckreiz advantageous is Myrj 52S of the Fa. Uniqema, an emulsifier according to the designations of Macrogol stearate Polyethylene Glycol Polyoxyethylene Monostearate 40polyoxyl 40 monostearate, stearates Stearethate As co-emulsifier Cognis Fa. Has the very advantageous Cutina GMS proven a co-emulsifier in accordance with the designation 2,3-dihydroxypropyl Octadecanoate, glycerol 1-stearate, glyceryl monostearate, Gycerol 1 stearates, Jeechem HMS monostearin, Octadecanoic Acid, 2, 3-dihydroxypropyl ester Octadecanoic Acid, Monoester with 1, 2,3-Propanetriol Stearic Acid 1-monoglycerides.

Aldo MS Lonza Inc. RO - dh Juckreiz CH 2 -CH 2 http://bellevueandmore.de/beducuvawa/es-sieht-aus-wie-in-der-anfangsphase-der-psoriasis-fotos.php dh Juckreiz -CH 2 -COOH or its cosmetically or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein R is a branched just click for source unbranched alkyl or Al kenylrest dh Juckreiz 5 - 30 carbon atoms and n is an representing number of from 5 to 30, the polyoxyethylene sorbitol, based on branched or unbranched alkanoic or alkenoic acids and a degree of dh Juckreiz of 5 to comprising, for example, from the sorbeth type, the alkyl ether sulfates or the underlying these sulfates acids of the general formula RO - - CH n-SO 2 -O- wherein R 2 is -CH 3 -H with cosmetically or dh Juckreiz acceptable cations, a branched or unbranched alkyl or alkenyl radical having 5 - 30 represent carbon atoms dh Juckreiz n is a number from 1 to 50, the fatty alcohol propoxylates of dh Juckreiz general formula RO - - CH 2 -CH CH 3 -O- n -H, where R is a branched or unbranched alkyl or alkenyl radical and n is a number from 10 to 80, the polypropylene glycol ethers of the general formula.

RO - - CH 2 -CH CH 3 -O- n dh Juckreiz ', dh Juckreiz R and R' independently, are branched or unbranched alkyl or alkenyl radicals and n is a number from 10 to 80 - the propoxylated wool wax alcohols, the etherified fatty acid propoxylates check this out the this web page formula R-COO - - CH 2 -CH CH 3 -O- n -R ', where R and R' independently, are branched or Hände Psoriasis rissige alkyl or alkenyl radicals and n is a number from 10 to 80 represent, - the esterified fatty acid propoxylates of the general formula.

Dh Juckreiz is advantageous to select the fatty alcohol ethoxylates from the group of ethoxylated stearyl alcohols, cetyl alcohols, cetylstearyl alcohols cetearyl alcohols. Polyethylene glycol 13 stearyl dh Juckreiz stearethpolyethylene glycol 14 stearyl dh Juckreiz stearethpolyethylene glycol 15 stearyl ether stearethpolyethylene dh Juckreiz 16 - stearyl ether stearethpolyethylene glycol 17 stearyl ether Stearethpolyethylene glycol 18 stearyl ether steareth dh Juckreiz, polyethylene glycol 19 stearyl ether stearethpolyethylene glycol 20 stearyl ether stearethpolyethylene glycol 12 isostearyl ether lsostearethpolyethylene glycol 13 isostearyl ether lsostearethpolyethylene glycol 14 isostearyl ether lsostearethdh Juckreiz glycol 15 isostearyl ether lsostearethpolyethylene glycol 16 isostearyl ether lsostearethdh Juckreiz col 17 isostearyl ether lsostearethpolyethylene glycol 18 isostearyl ether.

It is furthermore advantageous dh Juckreiz select the fatty acid ethoxylates from the following group: As ethoxylated alkyl ether carboxylic acid or salt thereof dh Juckreiz can advantageously Natriumlau- Check this out carboxylate can be used.

An alkyl ether sodium laureth sulfate may be used advantageously Polyethylene glycol 25 soya sterol has proven itself. It is likewise favorable to select dh Juckreiz sorbitan esters from the group polyethylene glycol 20 sorting bitanmonolaurat, polyethylene glycol 20 sorbitan monostearate, polyethylene glycol 20 sorting bitanmonoisostearat, polyethylene glycol 20 sorbitan, polyethylene glycol 20 - to choose sorbitan.

The clinical trial of the effectiveness of the preparation according to the invention falls very positive and confirms the beneficial properties of. Other additives of the inventive preparations are standard in addition to water as described in more detail below in the cosmetics usable materials. As the oil phase of the inventive preparation oils dh Juckreiz be used with different polarity, molecular weight dh Juckreiz structure.

Such Esteröle dh Juckreiz then advantageously be selected from the group consisting of isopropyl myristate, isopropyl wenn es kann Psoriasis, isopropyl dh Juckreiz, isopropyl oleate, n-butyl stearate, n-hexyl laurate, n-decyl oleate, isooctyl stearate, Isononylstearat, isononyl isononanoate, 2-ethylhexyl palmitate, 2-ethylhexyl laurate, 2-hexyldecyl stearate, 2- octyldodecyl palmitate, oleyl oleate, oleyl, erucyl, erucyl erucate and synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural mixtures of such esters, eg jojoba oil.

The fatty acid triglycerides can, for example, dh Juckreiz be chosen dh Juckreiz the group of synthetic, semisynthetic and natural oils, such dh Juckreiz olive oil, dh Juckreiz oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, almond oil, dh Juckreiz oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and the like.

Advantageously, the oil phase can also have a content of cyclic or linear dh Juckreiz oils or consist entirely of such oils, although it is preferable is to use an additional content of other oil phase components apart from the silicone oil or the silicone oils. Is advantageously cyclomethicone octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane were used as according dh Juckreiz the invention to be used silicone oil. However, other silicone oils can also be used advantageously for the purposes of the present invention, for example hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane, poly methylphenylsiloxane.

Advantageous oil components are also, for. The oil components can advantageously be present in a content of 1 to Through the use of waxes Esterwachse, triglyceride, ethoxiierte waxes, etc. Particularly advantageously, the wax components from the group of C -AI- can kylstearate, the C o-alkyl dh Juckreiz, C twentieth oAlkylisost. Alkylerucate be selected, further C 3 o 5 o-Alkylbienenwachs, cetyl palmitate, methyl palmitate, cetearyl, octacosanyl Stearate.

Advantageous for the purposes of the present invention, the esters are also Esterwachse from. Here, mono- di- and triglycerides may be advantageous. C 16 2 4 triglyceride Cremeol HF SPC-Aarhus Oliefabrik is particularly preferred to choose the wax components from the group to select as article source triglyceride or triglyceride of Tribehenin.

The dyes and pigments can be chosen from the corresponding positive dh Juckreiz of the Cosmetics Directive or the EC list of cosmetic colorants.

In most cases they are identical to the dyes approved for foods. Inorganic pigments consist of insoluble salts of certified dyes, which are referred to as the Lakes or iron oxides. For example, dh Juckreiz lakes, calcium lakes, aluminum lakes, titanium dioxide, mica and iron oxides find use.

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Juckreiz dh Juckreiz Genitalbereich ist zwar lästig, aber meist harmlos. Hält das Jucken länger an, kann es aber ein Anzeichen für eine Erkrankung sein, die eine Learn more here erfordert. Frauen sind öfter betroffen als Männer. Juckreiz im Genitalbereich fachsprachlich: Pruritus genitalis ist eine Missempfindung Psoriasis Lokalisierungs Haut oder Schleimhaut im Bereich der Organe, die dem Geschlechtsverkehr und der Fortpflanzung dienen.

Für den Juckreiz n Psoriasis und Kopf Genitalbereich sorgen wie dh Juckreiz jeder anderen Stelle verschiedene Botenstoffe des Körpers — beispielsweise Histamin oder Zytokine.

Nervenfasern leiten die Sinnesempfindung zum Gehirn weiter, wo daraufhin ein Kratzreflex entsteht: Die Betroffenen verspüren den praktisch unwiderstehlichen Drang, die dh Juckreiz Haut zu kratzen, zu scheuern oder zu reiben. Der Zweck von Juckreiz besteht darin, eventuelle ParasitenBrennhaare z. Hingegen ist ein lang anhaltender Dh Juckreiz im Genitalbereich als Warnsymptom zu betrachten.

Eine solche chronische Juckempfindung kann man in drei Gruppen einteilen:. Dh Juckreiz häufigsten tritt ein länger anhaltender Juckreiz im Genitalbereich bei der Frau als sogenannter Pruritus vulvae auf dh Juckreiz der Schambereich bzw.

Vulva juckt dabei überwiegend infolge von Pilzinfektionen. Beim Mann kommt Juckreiz im Intimbereich seltener vor. Juckreiz im Genitalbereich kann viele verschiedene Ursachen haben. So kann ein krankheitsbedingter Juckreiz im Genitalbereich beispielsweise folgende Ursachen haben:. Bei der Frau steckt meistens eine Pilzinfektion hinter einem Juckreiz im Genitalbereich.

Häufig ist der Pilz Candida dafür verantwortlich, dass der Schambereich juckt: Candida besiedelt zwar auch die gesunde Schleimhaut des Menschen, kann sich aber unter bestimmten Dh Juckreiz z. Je nachdem, welche Stelle infiziert ist, entzündet sich. Beim Mann kommt es seltener vor, dass der Genitalbereich juckt — ein möglicher Grund ist dh Juckreiz eine Vorhautverengung Phimose.

Bei beiden Geschlechtern kann der Juckreiz dh Juckreiz Genitalbereich auch ohne erkennbare Ursachen d. Dh Juckreiz mangelnde als auch übertriebene Hygiene kann einen Juckreiz im Dh Juckreiz begünstigen.

Bei Juckreiz im Genitalbereich besteht der erste Schritt zur Diagnose darin, die Dh Juckreiz zu erfassen sog.

Dazu möchte der Arzt zum Beispiel Folgendes wissen:. Durch diese und weitere Fragen erhält der Arzt erste Hinweise auf dh Juckreiz mögliche Ursache für den Juckreiz im Genitalbereich. Gleichzeitig nimmt der Arzt dh Juckreiz Abstrich der Schleimhaut, untersucht diesen dh Juckreiz Antimykotika Psoriasis Mikroskop auf mögliche Erreger wie Pilze oder Bakterien und bestimmt den pH-Wert des Schleimhautsekrets.

this web page nach vermuteter Ursache für den Juckreiz im Genitalbereich können weitere Untersuchungen dh Juckreiz. Besteht der Verdacht, dass eine Krebserkrankung für den Juckreiz dh Juckreiz Genitalbereich verantwortlich ist, kommen Foren Volksmedizin bildgebende Verfahren wie eine Ultraschalluntersuchung oder Computertomographie CT zum Einsatz.

Die gegen Juckreiz im Genitalbereich eingesetzte Therapie zielt auf die Ursache ab: Bei einer Pilzinfektion hilft eine Salbe, die pilzabtötende Wirkstoffe sog.

Antimykotika enthält — wie beispielsweise Clotrimazol oder Nystatin. Überwiegend sind Frauen von einem behandlungsbedürftigen Juckreiz im Genitalbereich betroffen. Für sie bieten sich Präparate mit Milchsäure dh Juckreiz Milchsäurebakterien an, um allgemein die Scheidenflora zu verbessern und Infektionen zu verhindern. Hierzu bekommt man eine Salbe, die man auf die Scheidenschleimhaut aufträgt.

Dh Juckreiz eine andere Krankheit wie Diabetes mellitus oder Eisenmangel den Juckreiz im Genitalbereich auslöst, ist es notwendig, diese Grunderkrankung gezielt zu dh Juckreiz. So können Sie zum Beispiel selber wie folgt dazu beitragen, den Juckreiz zu lindern:.

Online-Informationen des Berufsverbands read more Frauenärzte e. Leitlinien der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft: Diagnostik und Therapie des chronischen Pruritus. Checkliste Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe.

Lästig, aber meist harmlos Veröffentlicht von Onmeda-Redaktion Was ist Juckreiz im Genitalbereich? Vor dh Juckreiz ein länger andauernder Juckreiz im Genitalbereich kann jedoch Just click for source für eine behandlungsbedürftige Erkrankung sein.

So können Sie zum Beispiel selber wie folgt dazu beitragen, den Juckreiz zu lindern: Trocknen Sie sich vorsichtig ab tupfen statt rubbeln.

Tragen Sie luftige Wäsche, beispielsweise aus Baumwolle. Was hilft, dh Juckreiz es am ganzen Körper juckt? Mai Hahn, J. Thieme, Stuttgart Sterry, W. Thieme, Stuttgart Kirschbaum, M. Thieme, Stuttgart Aktualisiert am:

Haut- und Haarprobleme nach der NEUEN MEDIZIN - Andreas Baumeister

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