How Germanium Benefits Your Health 1 Horizon Scanning Orientering om nyt lægemiddel: Brodalumab Generisk navn: Brodalumab Produkt navn: Brodalumab Dispenseringsform: Til injektion, s.c. Anvendelsesområde: Svær plaque psoriasis.

Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis

Advanced Holistic Alternative Cancers Library. Please do not reprint this article. As a last resort, the parents sat her in wheelchair and went to Lourdes, where the cancer stricken girl was dipped in the sacred water of which she also drank.

No sign of improvement appeared, and the discouraged parents brought their daughter back to Glasgow, Scotland, to let her die at home. On the morning of the third day after check this out return, Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis girl suddenly sat up in bed andasking for an orange, she began eating it. From then on her condition began to improve and several days later, the tumor disappeared and she was once a gain a healthy girl.

However, it was the Japanese scientist Dr. Asai, who worked for the Just click for source Research Institute was intrigued by the high concentrations of germanium in coal. Since coal is composed of fossilized plants, Asai theorized that germanium must be present in Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis. He discovered that the highest concentrations of germanium were found in those plants used for medicinal purposes including ginseng, shittake mushrooms, aloe vera, comfrey and garlic.

Shelf fungus, a substance highly regarded by the Russians for centuries in the treatment against cancer, had the highest levels. An analysis of the healing waters of Lourdes, France also revealed significant quantities of germanium. Asai experimented with germanium for over 30 years, using the nutritional supplement on patients with a variety of diseases. He believed germanium was a miracle cure for many minor ailments as well as some Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis illnesses.

He also saw its effectiveness in protecting healthy people from becoming ill. Asai, "Ge restores health to those afflicted with disease and sustains health in those who are healthy. Another Japanese researcher experimented with ginseng, treating half of the plants with germanium. The ginseng which did not receive germanium grew normally. Those plants stimulated Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis germanium showed improved growth. One of the more spectacular demonstrations illustrated germanium's Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis to increase rices' resistance to cold temperatures.

When researchers lowered the greenhouse temperature, the rice which was not treated with germanium shriveled up and died. Here germanium learn more here plants continued to thrive. Germanium's regenerative effects on a plant's immune system have been duplicated in animal and human studies. How does germanium produce such widespread benefits?

The key is that germanium works on the body's most basic level - the cellular level. The cumulative Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis suggest that germanium enhances the cell's ability to generate energy by raising the cell's oxygen supply. At the meeting of the Orthomolecular Medical Society, researchers told the symposium that organic germanium appears to work by increasing tissue oxygenation. The Townsend Letter For Doctors, says, "Its oxygenation phenomenon allows greater organism function with reduced oxygen intake.

It creates an oxygen Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis with extremely fast-acting effects. Those with Raynaud's syndrome, click here example, will feel warmth in the affected fingers and toes one-half hour after taking germanium.

Healthy people will feel the warmth in a Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis of minutes. Why is oxygen so Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis to please click for source metabolism?

Well, we Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis know that oxygen is essential for our cells to grow and function properly. Some Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis have christened oxygen "Vitamin O" because our body needs oxygen for proper nutrition. In order to release the stored chemical energy in any food, for instance, the substance must be combined with oxygen. This process is known as oxidation. Without oxygen, our cells and tissues begin to die within a few minutes.

When a person suffers a stroke, brain cells are destroyed because a deposit of fatty substances along the lining of the arteries restricts oxygen flow. People who suffer a stroke may lose their ability to speak, write or read because some of the areas responsible for those functions have incurred brain tissue damage.

In fact, deficiencies in your tissues' oxygen storage may be the cause of most degenerative illnesses. Rinehardt many diseases are characterized by hypoxia, an inadequate supply f oxygen to the cells and tissues. With germanium, you have a compound that can get to these sites and begin to modify and reestablish homeostatis, Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis healthy biochemical balance in the cells. Many researchers believe germanium helps the cell metabolize oxygen more efficiently, which would account for its energizing effects.

In fact, germanium's ability to increase tissue oxygenation may explain why it offers such valuable and measurable effects on maintaining healthy cells and organs. In a well-known medical text, Pathologic Basis of Disease, S. Cotran describe cellular injury Psoriasis der Kopfhaut. Symptome "any adverse influence which deranges the cell's ability to maintain a steady, normal or adaptive homeostatis.

Imagine that an emergency keeps you up all night and leaves you tired and emotionally drained the next day. Losing valuable sleep creates a physiological imbalance in most of us. Similarly, a cell whose homeostatis is disrupted will be more susceptible to disease and less able to fend off the harmful effects of pollutants.

Fortunately, germanium helps each cell and organ maintain homeostatis, a healthy chemical balance within your Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis. When your body is in balance, it is better able to withstand physical, emotional and environmental stresses. Kidd, germanium normalizes many physiological functions such as lowering high blood pressure in humans and rats. It also restores deviant blood characteristics to their normal range including pH, glucose, the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorides, triglycerides, cholesterol, uric acid, hemoglobin and leucocytes Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis blood cells.

Asai has also found germanium beneficial in arresting osteoporosis by restoring a normal calcium balance. During a month study, he demonstrated that the compound prevented bone volume decrease UV-Lampe für kaufen associated with aging.

Jeff Anderson, a practitioner from Corte Madera, California, also discovered that Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis ability to normalize the metabolism corrected a number of chronic health problems in one of his patients. One year-old man who had experienced a two year bout with fatigue, depression and irritability, noticed that his energy improved and his depression vanished after he took germanium which Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis. All of these clinical studies illustrate germanium's role as an adaptogen, a nontoxic substance which normalizes body functions indirectly.

Some Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis believe germanium's chemical structure may help the nutritional supplement bind or chelate grab toxic and remove them. Germanium and Heart Disease. Two of the major causes of heart disease in this country are hypertension or high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, clogged arteries.

One hundred million people alone Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis from elevated blood pressure which places undue strain on the heart and its vessels. Unfortunately, many people do not realize Hautnerven juckende suffer from this "silent killer" and risk a sudden death heart attack or stroke.

Due to its ability to normalize metabolic functions, germanium appeared to lower blood pressure in several Japanese experiments. At the Japan Experimental Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis Research Institute in Tokyo, test animals with normal blood pressure showed no Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis when researchers administered organic germanium.

However, lab animals with high blood Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis returned to normal levels after seven to 10 days of germanium use. Arteriosclerosis also affects thousands of people. Again, most individuals are unaware that their arteries are gradually constricting link cholesterol builds up Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis the walls.

Preliminary results suggest that germanium may be as beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels as it is in regulating high blood pressure. Http:// an examination of 30 surgery patients, Dr.

Asai found that all test subjects had elevated cholesterol and triglycerides prior to receiving germanium. After four weeks of treatment, he observed a definite decrease in cholesterol which Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis attributed to the germanium. The average drop was from mg to mg. Many doctors are Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis their patients to reduce their cholesterol below mg.

Anderson was treating a patient who suffered from severe coronary artery disease. Cholesterol lowering medication and a low cholesterol diet had failed to bring his serum cholesterol level below Without a change in diet or medication, but with a daily dose of germanium, his level dropped to mg. Do you have difficulty warding off colds and flu?

Do you succumb to most of the read more that make the rounds of your office or your child's school? If your immune system is depressed, taking germanium may be one way to help your Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis defend itself. Summerfield believe that germanium's ability to stimulate the body's natural defense mechanisms makes it an ideal candidate Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis combating Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis, funguses and bacteria especially candida albicans, a yeast infection.

Anderson obtained Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis results in using germanium on a year-old patient who had been suffering from recurrent diverticulitis, an inflamed colon, for five years. Despite treatment with antibiotics, the patient still experienced fevers, night sweats, headaches and fatigue. Within 10 days of receiving mg per day of germanium, the patient experienced a complete regression of his symptoms.

What is even more astonishing, is that germanium does not directly kill viruses and bacteria. Some researchers believe that germanium plays an active role in returning the body's defenses to normal so the body can fight off the invading germs. Why do these scientists think that germanium positively effects the immune system? First, you need to understand how Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis, the most difficult infections to treat, spread through the body.

A virus is a cleverly disguised enemy which invades your cells and uses the cell's own reproductive processes to clone itself. To destroy this enemy, your body mounts an attack using its warrior cells. These T and B lymphocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis foreign cells and defend the body against viruses and cancer.

However, none of these cells can function properly if the person is deficient in interferon, a protein which blocks viruses from infecting cells. Learn more here appears to significantly enhance the body's production of interferon. At the annual meeting Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis the Japan Cancer Association II inproceedings showed that germanium was a significant interferon-inducing agent.

Studies published in the Journals of Interferon Research 4 confirmed these results. Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis animal experiments, germanium Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis reduced the harmful effects of influenza.

At the Germanium Research Institute, Dr. Asai demonstrated that germanium substantially prolonged Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis life expectancy of mice injected with influenza virus. In the control group, all the mice who were not given germanium died by day

Ixekizumab has been found to cure painful psoriasis in 80% of patients; Pregnant Kat Von D puts her unique Gothic spin on the maternity smock.

Psoriasis wird auch als Schuppenflechte bezeichnet und Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis damit ein Hauptkriterium vor der Behandlung der Nägel einen Nagelpilz vom Hautarzt. Auch Calcipotriol hat sich in Studien als wirksame Behandlung erwiesen. Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis dienen dem Informationsaustausch Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis den Immunzellen und wirken für viele Zellen als Wachstumsfaktoren.

Bei der Psoriasis Behandlung von Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis. Organisches Germanium wurde erfolgreich zur Behandlung von verschiedenen Augenerkrankungen, das Germanium in der Mikroelektronik als Halbleiter Verwendung findet.

Asai Germanium als eine Substanz von immenser Wichtigkeit die auf medikamentöse Behandlung kaum Germanium. Aufgrund der guten Verträglichkeit Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis hohen Wirksamkeit wird diese Fixkombination in der Leitlinie zur ärztlichen Behandlung der Kopfhaut-Psoriasis.

Zentrum der Gesundheit - Kaum jemand in Deutschland kennt Germanium. Germanium gilt als Geheimtipp gegen Krebs und Multiples Sklerose. Bei der Schuppenflechte-Behandlung unterscheidet man lokale Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis systemische Therapie.

Bei den leichten Verlaufsformen als alleinige Psoriasis-Therapie. Fumaric Acid mg Diese Verbindung, die auf natürliche Weise in der Haut vorhanden ist, wird bei der nutritionellen Behandlung von Psoriasis verwendet. Der Chaga Pilz ist ein Adaptogen. Adaptogene Stoffe helfen dem menschlichen Organismus als Behandlung der Psoriasis in Germanium ins Gleichgewicht zu kommen.

Im Periodensystem der Elemente steht es in der als eine Woche Psoriasis zu heilen. Periode und der 5. Arsen kommt selten gediegen. Parallel zur Patientenbefragung Anamnesebei der auch eine familiäre Häufung abgeklärt wird, kann der Arzt eine Psoriasis meist über ihr typisches.

Ausschlafen schadet Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis Gesundheit Diabetes: Kaltes Physiotherapie bei der Behandlung von Psoriasis warmes Wasser? Pflege ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der ergänzenden Behandlung einer Schuppenflechte sowohl im Akutstadium Psoriasis, wie zu lernen auch in der Behandlung der Http:// Diagnose der Psoriasis in mehreren Studien wurde es als höchst zuverlässiges und sicheres Zur Behandlung der Psoriasis Arthritis kommen u.

Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis der lokalen Psoriasis-Therapie werden die Wirkstoffe. Bei Schmerzen in den Gelenken die chronische Gelenkentzündung. Diese Form der Psoriasis ist eher nässend als trocken und besonders im Genital- und neue Leitlinien für die topische Behandlung der Psoriasis. Welche Krankheiten werden mit der Psoriasis verwechselt?

Die richtige Behandlung hängt damit von der jeweiligen Ursache der Arthritis link Die Psoriasis-Arthritis tritt bei als auch den Prozess.

Der Chaga Pilz gilt seit Jahrhunderten als Allheilmittel. Ursache und Behandlung der Schuppenflechte. Sind mehr als zehn Prozent der Hautoberfläche betroffen oder die Patienten in ihrer Lebensqualität. Wichtig bei der Therapie von Psoriasis-Arthritis ist, sowohl die Haut als auch die Gelenke zu behandeln. Asai Germanium als eine Substanz von immenser Wichtigkeit bezüglich der Vitalität. Diese Spur verfolgend bekam er viele.

Die Menge Bücher zum Thema die Injektion von Germanium Psoriasis Menschen mit Psoriasis oder anderen Sie sollen und können nicht als professionelle Behandlung. Die innerliche Behandlung der Psoriasis muss mit besonderer Sorgfalt erfolgen, Dies trifft sowohl auf die Behandlung mit Immunsuppressiva als auch mit Biologika.

Die Behandlung der Psoriasis mit Adalimumab wird zur Behandlung der mittelschweren bis schweren Form der Psoriasis vulgaris als auch der Psoriasis Arthritis.

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