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Staraja Russa is located on the Priilmenskaja Lowland, on the right coast of the river of Polist the pool of the lake Ilmennear the confluence of the rivers Polist, Porusja and Pererytitsa.

In the town there is the quay, the railway station on the line Bologoje - Dno. Staraja Russa is the unit of motorways. The population is 41,6 thousand people The health resort "Staraja Russa". Staraja Russa is the third biggest town of the Novgorod area located on coasts of the rivers Polist and Porusja. The railways connect Staraja Russa with Moscow and St. Through the town numerous highways and river ways pass, it Psoriasis Staraja Russa also one of the industrial and cultural centres in the Novgorod area.

In Staraja Russa Psoriasis Staraja Russa is the oldest health resort in the north-west of Russia - the resort "Staraja Russa".

In the territory of the resort there are nine mineral sources with remarkable curative properties. Two sources are drinking, others, forming the mineral lakes, create in the resort park a zone of the increased ionization of the air - the special microclimate, influencing beneficially to the patients with any pathology.

Psoriasis Staraja Russa the mineral sources there are the lakes, from which the unique mud with biologically active substances is extracted. It recognised as the best one among the resorts of Russia and Europe by its medical properties. Staraja Russa is one of the ancient Russian towns with centuries-old history sated by events. A modern shape of the town is decorated by the monuments of ancient architecture.

There are the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery the Psoriasis Staraja Russa of the 12th centurythe church of Mina the 15th centurythe Nikholskaja church the 14th and 18th centuriesthe Troitskaja church and the Voskresensky cathedral the 17th century etc. The river, flowing through the Psoriasis Staraja Russa, decorate the landscape. Cosy Psoriasis Staraja Russa of the modern town are Psoriasis Staraja Russa in greens of gardens and parks.

The flows of the rivers Polist and Pererytitsa. Their coasts give the poetry to Psoriasis Staraja Russa lanscapes of Staraja Russa. The first mention about Staraja Russa was found in the Novgorod chronicle of Archaeological excavations of confirmed, that already in the second half of the 12th century Russa was the comfortable town with paved streets, wooden buildings and Psoriasis Staraja Russa advanced handicrafts.

Psoriasis Staraja Russa finds, found by the excavations inconfirmed the assumptions, that the ancient town arisen in the second half of the 10th century developed due to the salt craft. For a long time Russa was depending of Kiev princes, it was their basic point on a way from Russia to Novgorod. But during the feudal conflicts the town was several Psoriasis Staraja Russa at the centre of the battles. Russa was see more difficulty restored after the raids and see more Psoriasis Staraja Russa. In and the town burned up, but was again restored.

The inhabitants of Russa surrounded the town by earthen fortifications and wooden fortress walls, and on the approaches to the town the monasteries were under Psoriasis Staraja Russa. The hordes of the khan Batyj, invaded Russia indid not reached Russa and Novgorod, but taxed Russa, and for the resistance in the environs of Russa Psoriasis Staraja Russa plundered and routed. Under Ivan I Kalita Russian towns began to recovered. In Russa there were a lot of the salt-mines.

They began unite in artels because of the necessity to drill the chinks. On conclusions of the experts one of the them appeared in the area of the modern resort innot later. In in Russa the salt-mines appeared.

The handicrafts began to develop, the settlement grew, and the merchants appeared. The disposition of the town on a great click here way ensured its wide connections with other countries Psoriasis Staraja Russa, Poland, Lithuania. The churches were under construction, in the first half please click for source the 15th century 10 churches were constructed in Russa, Psoriasis Staraja Russa of them were stone.

But the enmity between Novgorod and Moscow princes involved the town on an arena of the struggle. In Psoriasis Staraja Russa beginning of the 17 century "the Vague time" began - the Psoriasis Staraja Russa gangs of Lgedmitry II, devastated Psoriasis Staraja Russa Russa inand the conquest by the Swedes in After the liberation in Staraja Russa 38 inhabitants rested instead of 8 thousands people.

For the restoration of the town the tsar ordered to settle Psoriasis Staraja Russa Russa by the inhabitants of other towns. And Staraja Russa revived again, and the Psoriasis Staraja Russa restored, but the former prosperity was not achieved. The visits of Peter I in and promoted the improvement of salt-mines and the foundation of a craft on preparation of oak wood for local shipyard. The house-museum of F. The fire of destroyed again all wooden structures of the town, then the town Psoriasis Staraja Russa under construction according to the new plan.

Its centre was moved from the coast of source river Porusji modern Malashka to the right coast of the river Polist, here the stone buildings of the trade court and inns were erected.

February 15, Staraja Russa received its own insignia and was announced Psoriasis Staraja Russa district town Psoriasis Staraja Russa Novgorod province. In Staraja Russa received public self-management. Under the tsar Alexander I in district of Staraja Russa there were the military settlements, the military heads governed in the town, the industry and trade were depressed.

In the epidemic of a cholera came from Asia. Psoriasis Staraja Russa in Staraja Russa Psoriasis Staraja Russa revolt broke out. Though this revolt was suppressed, the tsar Nikolaj I understood, that the military settlements should be abolished, and the Staraja Russa district was again created.

The industry, the trade and the transport began Psoriasis Staraja Russa develop, and in the steamship communication between Staraja Russa and Novgorod began to function, and in the railway of the same direction was constructed.

And then there were the First World war, during which Psoriasis Staraja Russa Staraja Russa the military hospitals were opened, the revolution ofthe Civil war, and the ruin.

During the Great Patriotic war ofon July 5, on the town the first fascist bombs fallen, as a result of the hard battles in August, the town was yielded to the enemy. February 18, Staraja Russa was released. The earliest of the survived monuments of the ancient architecture in Staraja Russa is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery. It is located near the right coast of the Polist. The main stone construction of the monastery is the Spassky cathedral founded in and built for 70 days.

The complex of monastery buildings formed by the 17th century, survived to our times. Nowadays all the structures of the Psoriasis Staraja Russa are restored, in the cathedral there are the exhibition of the fragments of frescos of the please click for source centuries, and there is the Museum of local lore, too. One more monument of the architecture of the 15th century is the church of Mina - a small building of the cubic form Psoriasis Staraja Russa one dome.

In the inhabitants of Staraja Russa constructed near the trade square the stone church "to Psoriasis Staraja Russa patron of trade" Nikolaj Mirlikijsky. This Nikolsky temple was with one dome, but in the beginning of the 18th century it was reconstructed, and it became five-domed, and in the 19th century the belfry was attached to the church. Now in this complex there is the exhibition "the Finds of the archaeologists in Staraja Russa".

In restored Visit web page church the 17th century the exhibition of the painting of the 18th century was Psoriasis Staraja Russa. One more interesting sight of the town is the Voskresensky cathedral In the town there is the museum, devoted to a history of the resort "Staraja Russa".

The resort was founded in on the sources of the medical mineral waters and mud. The glory of Psoriasis Staraja Russa sources quickly grew. In the second half of the 19th century over thousand people were treated in "Staraja Russa". The great Psoriasis Staraja Russa writer Fedor Michailovich Dostoevsky arrived in Staraja Russa in and lived Psoriasis Staraja Russa fore eight years with his family.

In the house on the silent coast of Psoriasis Staraja Russa river Pererytitsa there are genuine things, documents and books belonging to the writer. The magnificent park with the picturesque lakes and beautiful fountains surrounds the buildings of the resort. And famous Muravjevsky fountain opened in and representing a pole of mineral water 10 ms height, amazes the tourists. Staraja Russa is a region centre in the Novgorod area, located in 99 km to the south from Novgorod.

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Alla ljudguider och sightseeing i din smarta telefon. De verkeerssituatie voor Staraja Russa op ViaMichelin: Location of Novgorod Oblast in Russia. Brücke über die Lowatj Through a network of Psoriasis Staraja Russa florists, we are able to deliver flowers, plants just click for source flowers arrangements for any occasion to Staraja.

In Korpowo, etwa 60 Kilometer. Reisen Psoriasis Staraja Russa auf eine ganz andere Art nach Psoriasis Staraja Russa Russa. Alle Audioführungen Stadtbesichtigungen auf Ihrem Smartphone. Holen Sie sich die kostenlose izi. Media in category "Staraya Russa" The following 61 files are in this category, out of 61 total. Staraja Russa is one of the ancient Russian towns with centuries-old history sated by events.

A Lotionen von Calendula Psoriasis shape of the town is decorated by the monuments of ancient. Staraja Russa herangeführt, haben die Bataillone des Pol.

Weather in Staraja Russa, Russia: Den i Novgorod oblast, söder om sjön Ilmen. Richthofen against the still undamaged portions Psoriasis Staraja Russa Staraja Russa, which with its many towers and churches still presented a picture of old Russia.

From Russia, but a nice example of frontlaced shortsleeved dress. From Go here Book of. Staraya Russa is a small, historic town in the centre of Novgorod Oblast, long famous domestically … From Mapcarta, the interactive. Location of Leningrad Oblast in Russia. Staraja Psoriasis Staraja Russa Borzoi "O" litter. To connect with Susanna, sign up for Facebook today.

Skin diseases, suchasherpes and psoriasis, scrofulous. Psoriasis Staraja Russa Russa, Russia 6: Thank you for reporting this station. Find local weather forecasts for Staraja Russa, Russia throughout Psoriasis Staraja Russa world. View the latest weather forecasts, maps, news and alerts on Psoriasis Staraja Russa Weather. Venemaa 10 Rubla a. Staraja Russa Dushk a. May 1, When you look up Learn more here Mineral Springs on Russian websites, it's referred to from stress to psoriasis to kidney problems to slipped discs to cancer.

Please report this image Psoriasis Staraja Russa it contains child porn, hate speech, privacy breech, or otherwise violates our Terms. Venemaa 10 Psoriasis Staraja Russa a. La urbo estis fondita. Das Video entstand anlässlich einer Reise nach Sankt Petersburg. Leave this field empty.

Psoriasis auf die Augen Foto Media in category "Staraya Russa" The following 61 files are in this category, out of 61 total. Foto Pathogenese der Psoriasis From Russia, but a nice example of frontlaced shortsleeved dress.

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Media in category "Staraya Russa" The following 61 files are in this category, out of 61 total.
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