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THURSDAY, April 3 HealthDay News — The itchy, scaly skin disease psoriasislong known to Psoriasis Armee als Hang affect a patient's overall quality of life, is now being linked continue reading more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancera national task force's report shows.

The study, published online in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologystates that people with more severe cases of psoriasis have an increased incidence of psoriatic arthritiscardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetescancer, depressionobesity and even other immune-related conditions such as Crohn's disease.

As a result, the study authors recommended that psoriasis patients get regular, comprehensive exams from their doctors and work to improve their physical and mental health while avoiding high-risk behaviors, such as smoking, overeating and excessive sun exposure.

Psoriasis has long been associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as obesity and smoking, but these were thought to be linked to the psychosocial burden of psoriasis.

Two recent studies have changed that thinking because they show an increased risk of heart and circulation issues in psoriasis patients even when controlling for major cardiovascular risk factors. Kimball, an associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School, said in a prepared statement. Psoriasis has long been known to cause considerable emotional stress for patients, including an increased incidence of mood disorders.

One study estimates that 24 percent of psoriasis patients suffer from depression. Several studies have found an increased risk of certain cancers in psoriasis patients, such as lymphoma and a form of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma. Some of these cancers have been associated with specific Psoriasis Armee als Hang treatments that suppress the immune system. Kimball and the Psoriasis Armee als Hang force urged psoriasis patients to work with their dermatologists and physicians to outline an appropriate preventive program based on source individual medical history and known risk factors.

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Psoriasis is more common, often more severe, and sometimes difficult to treat in patients that are obese, have metabolic syndrome, that drink excessive alcohol or smoke tobacco. How is the diagnosis of palmoplantar psoriasis made? Palmoplantar psoriasis is diagnosed by its clinical appearance, supported by finding plaque psoriasis in other sites.
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There isn’t a set treatment method for using witch hazel to soothe psoriasis symptoms. Some people find that combining it with glycerin produces the best results. To do this, .
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There isn’t a set treatment method for using witch hazel to soothe psoriasis symptoms. Some people find that combining it with glycerin produces the best results. To do this, .
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